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Let your work flow.

Our products are used by thousands of workers to assign and schedule tasks, manage workflows, and continuously improve. Ensure processes move forward correctly and spend your time on real, value-add tasks instead of paperwork.

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Capture Data Mobile Digitization
Capture Data Mobile Digitization

Software your team will love to use.


You need software to manage your business processes. Why not use software that your staff will love to use?


The Joy of Working Better

Our cloud-based products enhance the joy of work by making it easy to get things done. Data capture, workflows, reports - it’s all easier with Weever Apps.

“Weever Apps makes it easy to complete 'paperwork' and gives me immediate insight into my business.”

Operations Manager - Global CPG Manufacturer


Integrating people with technology.


We have all heard of AI and its impact on modern “Industry 4.0” manufacturing - machines with sensors talk to other machines and provide valuable insights that help to predict machine failures, quality issues, and so forth.


But what about the human element?

Organizations spend millions on machines and AI systems, but continue to use paper forms, clipboards, spreadsheets and filing cabinets to manage Human Intelligence (H.I.).

Turn data into intelligence and get the most out of your resources.