Taking your business to the next level through Mobile Solutions.

Make paperwork a thing of the past.

Studies have shown the use of paper to collect data causes errors, delays and inefficiencies. Mobile forms create a more engaging and efficient data collection process for estimates, work orders, inspections, time sheets, etc. Use virtually any mobile device to collect:

  • GPS Locations
  • Images and Videos
  • eSignatures (with Docusign)
  • Automated complex calculations

Make training more accessible and engaging.

Mobile Training gets results because it so easy to access and use. Quizzes help to ensure recognition and provide valuable feedback for compliance and follow-ups.

Spotlight Xerox

Xerox was looking to maximize engagement and retention at their sales conference. Our solution helped them manage the learning experience and test content recognition through real-time pop quizzes.

“The conference quiz app was easy to set up and use. More importantly, it helped to keep the audience engaged, which enhanced the learning experience and improved retention.”

Vince Raspa, marketing manager,
Xerox Canada

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Make a great first impression.

According to studies, better customer engagement is one of largest benefits of going mobile. Instead of fumbling with binders, the customer prospect is taken through an interactive guided tour of the offering, including one-touch links to sign-up forms. Providing an engaging and efficient presentation to customers can help to differentiate from competitors and get relationships started on the right foot.

Spotlight First Ontario

FirstOntario Credit Union wanted to create a more efficient sales process. The FirstOntario Sales App was designed to provide advisors with everything they need in one app, including:

  • Sales Presentations including product features
  • Complex Calculator Tools for GICs, RRSPs, etc.
  • Book Advisor Appointment
  • Sign up forms w/ eSignatures

Make your brand matter to your customers.

Your customers are using mobile technologies more than ever before. Most companies simply must have a mobile presence to be viable. Apps are used effectively to engage with, and learn from, customers to drive business results.

Spotlight Foresters Insurance

Foresters Kids Allowance App allows the financial and insurance company to deliver on their Family First positioning by helping customers manage their kid’s allowance finances. Parents can add tasks, assign points and create redeemable rewards.

The Kids Allowance app allows Foresters to build meaningful relationships with customers.

Better Intelligence through Data Management

Technology is the key to better data – and better data means a richer understanding of your business.

Enhanced data management means quicker timelines, enhanced productivity and better decisions.

Workflow Management Solutions

Provide staff with information and on-demand resources


Filter and organize information to uncover valuable insights

Asset Management

Better manage your assets and resources

Weever Apps integrates seamlessly with many popular cloud solutions including:

And more…

“The CFLPA Mobile app has exceeded my expectations.

It has had an immediate impact in improved efficiencies by integrating DocuSign signatures inside the mobile app, thereby reducing administrative work and giving players access to critical documents while traveling. We plan to further expand the number and type of forms for even more productivity benefits.”

Susan Gordon, VP Sales & Marketing, CFL Players’ Association

Serious about Security.

Mobile-First Actionable Data

We work with clients to build exceptional mobile experiences with a focus on audience engagement and the collection, organization and integration of actionable data.

Our Mobile-First Actionable Data offering uses mobile forms, training, sales tools and marketing apps to collect and disseminate actionable data to company stakeholders through an intuitive back office system as well as through integration with other cloud-based services.

SSL Secure Azure® Hosting

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the industry standard for viewing and sending sensitive information. You can have peace of mind that your data is YOUR DATA, and not someone else’s.

Collected app data is saved to your secure online account and protected in Azure, the data center solution used by over 50% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. Weever can also port app databases to client servers.


Our platform is used to create apps in 11 languages in over 65 countries around the world.

We develop highly functional and beautifully designed mobile experiences that are cost efficient

Some of our clients:

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