Case Studies

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Inspections Manager provides an intuitive schedule notification and data capture tool.


Alert staff when inspections are required and provide them with a simple data collection experience.

These features increased efficiency and allowed maintenance teams to offload simple machine-related maintenance activities, such as CIL (Clean, Inspect and Lubricate), to machine operators.

The product also provided stakeholders with virtually limitless visibility into all maintenance related activities, including machine inspections and work orders.


Transportation Manager keeps operations thriving with Forms Manager

Corey Halabi manages a fleet of over 55 buses and a geographic area stretching across most of Northern Alberta, Canada.

Before Weever, Corey had issues retrieving the reports he needed to validate safety. Driver’s operated their vehicles up to 200 kms away from Corey, so safety inspections, time logs and fuel receipts would take days, sometimes weeks, to be reported either directly, by email or faxed. As a result, there was very poor visibility and accountability.

Also, the cost of printing and distributing paper documents made a dent on his bottom line.