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Organizations save thousands and while increasing efficiency, productivity and employee engagement.

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Martin SC saves over $70,000 per year with Weever. 

“It’s amazing because things are being fixed before anybody knows there’s a problem.”

Tim Keeley, Comptroller | Martin SC

Martin SC needed a better way to streamline communications, record retention and operational visibility.

Weever Process was implemented to coordinate the manufacturing process with back office administration as well as drive continuous process improvement.

Martin SC calculated ROI at an annual savings of $70,000/year plus additional benefits and time savings.


Weever Forms Boosts Productivity and Reduces Safety/Quality incidents for Global CPG Manufacturer.


Global CPG manufacturer customer wanted to digitize Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement (CI) workflows.

Each department was having issues with (1) collecting data efficiently from staff, (2) managing workflows and operational visibility, and (3) sharing data and generating reports to inform improvement cycle processes.

  • Increased Factory OEE by 11%
  • Reduced average time to close for reported incidents by over 400%
  • Increased incident reports and staff participation by over 300%

Weever Inspections drives autonomous operations.

Forms Background illustrated
Over 1300% increase in machine inspections.

Over the course of 1 year, our customer executed over 13,000 inspections and scheduled preventive maintenance activities, including 5,000 CILs (clean, inspect and lubricate) activities executed by operators.


Transportation Manager keeps operations thriving with Forms Manager

Corey Halabi manages a fleet of over 55 buses and a geographic area stretching across most of Northern Alberta, Canada.

Before Weever, Corey had issues retrieving the reports he needed to validate safety. Driver’s operated their vehicles up to 200 kms away from Corey, so safety inspections, time logs and fuel receipts would take days, sometimes weeks, to be reported either directly, by email or faxed. As a result, there was very poor visibility and accountability.

Also, the cost of printing and distributing paper documents made a dent on his bottom line.


Martin SC accelerates billing cycles and reduces paper consumption.

Martin Specialty Coating uses Forms Manager to better manage field reporting and enhance communications between the office and their field teams.

The organization does powder, liquid and wood coatings primarily for the metal and manufacturing industries.


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