Maintenance Programs


Safety Audits & Inspections

Ensure efficient and compliant completion of safety audit and inspection requirements.


Autonomous Maintenance

Provide cleaning, inspection and lubrication (CIL) instructions and manage schedules. Automatically escalate failed inspections.


Quality Assurance Matrix

Understand and prevent quality defects within the context of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).


Planned Maintenance Schedules

Create and manage planned maintenance schedules for machines and equipment.


Clean, Inspect, Lubricate (CIL)

Provide instructions and capture valuable data in real-time. Make it easy and ensure compliance.


Centerline Audits

Create a schedule and provide instructions to ensure compliance.


Machine Pre-Start Inspections & Safety Checks

Create and manage schedules. Provide real-time, on-demand instructions to ensure compliance.

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Abnormality Reporting

Make it easy for staff to report Process Abnormalities and for managers to initiate PDCA projects.


5S Workstation Optimization

Ensure workstations are optimized correctly and improvements are sustained by documenting Sort, Set in Order and Shine steps including photos and videos.


6S Lean: 5S + Safety

Ensure 6S Lean (5S + Safety) audits are completed correctly including photos or video capture.


Machine Ledger

Understand when and why parts breakdown so you can predict failures and prevent unplanned stoppages.


Early Equipment Management Checklist

Stay on top of your Early Equipment Management projects and ensure compliance.

Maintenance Dashboards

Customizable reporting dashboards.


5S Audit Report

Where, when and by whom are 5S audits occurring. What are the average scores by line, shift, etc. and what are the key outcomes?


Abnormality Reporting (F-Tag)

Who is submitting Abnormality reports, where are they occurring, and what are the outcomes?


Autonomous Maintenance Report

Is your Autonomous Maintenance scheduling being followed? What is compliance and failure rate by line, machine, shift, etc.?


Behavior-Based Safety Observations

Where and by whom are observations being submitted? What are priority at-risk behaviors and what are key outcomes?


Calendar Report

When are things happening, in calendar format?

quiz reports

Employee Quiz Report

Frontline Worker Quiz Report live demo. Understand instantly the training status of your workers, including who is assigned training and who has passed.



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Ultimate Guide to Success with Autonomous Maintenance

Everything you need to know about how Autonomous Maintenance works and the best practices gleaned from our 10+ years of experience helping organizations achieve success.

Everything you need to know about how Autonomous Maintenance works and the best practices gleaned from our 10+ years of experience helping organizations achieve success.


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