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Whether you're just starting out or further down the path, Weever offers flexible pricing options to get you moving forward quickly and with confidence.

Start Smart. Grow Quickly.

Kickstart your Journey.

Start with a single form, get familiar with the platform, and build as you grow.

One Site License. Unlimited users.

  • One site license. No user or setup fees.
  • Add solutions for only $99/month/site.
  • Pay only for the forms you digitize.
  • Get started quickly with templates.

Organizational Transformation


Digitally Transform Everything.

The Weever Enterprise Platform is the simplest and most powerful way to digitize everything across your entire department, site and organization.

  • Unlimited forms.
  • One site license. Unlimited users.
  • No user or set up fees.
  • Enterprise support.
  • Unlimited template access.

Pursue Perfection in Operational Excellence

Phase 3 Solution - Suite

Take your operations to the next level.

Weever Suite is a collection of additional applications used to Pursue Perfection in Operational Excellence.

Once you have realized the inherent benefits of digitization, Weever Suite provides additional tools you can use to elevate your operations even further.

Enhance engagement, elevate knowledge and skills, create a data lake of insights, and ensure complex processes are followed to the letter. Remove complexity through automation and ensure success at every level.

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In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.