Operational Excellence Software that drives the Pursuit of Perfection.

  • Ensure compliance while exceeding expectations.
  • Eliminate delays caused by paper forms.
  • Visualize trends and respond in real-time.
  • Understand when it's due and who's on it.

We enable Operational Excellence for some of the best companies in the world.

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Create a cycle of positive change in product quality. Inspire your organization’s culture to adopt the unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

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“Weever is very fast and very efficient. Everything just works and flows. It’s really nice to work with. I love it.”

Carmen Hartigan

Training Coordinator

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Everyone moving forward… together.  

For your product quality to continuously improve you need comprehensive employee engagement. Staff need to feel comfortable with tools and resources, believe they can do the job, and be confident that their extra efforts will pay off. The Weever platform ensures results.


Simple Tools

Weever is intuitive software built to provide a simple and efficient experience for your workers.


Skills and Competency 

Build staff confidence by providing access to documentation, instructions and clear steps.



Reward staff for going the extra mile to improve the company.



Showcase wins, next steps and KPIs.

Defect / Abnormality Reporting

Collect valuable data on product defects to inform preventive actions and KPIs.

  • Automatically generate reports by IoT sensors on the line.
  • Require staff to quickly provide additional information including photos.
  • Create action items to address recurring defect types.
  • Accumulate data over time to inform corrective actions.
  • View and broadcast KPIs to staff and senior leadership.

CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions)

Ensure your corrective and preventive actions are thorough, efficient and follow your business rules.

  • Use/adapt our CAPA process template to suit your unique business requirements.
  • Staff collect all required information to determine if a corrective or preventive action is required.
  • Create action items to address recurring defect types.
  • Accumulate data over time to inform corrective actions.
  • View and broadcast KPIs to staff and senior leadership.

Batch Records

Ensure master batch records are followed for every product including repeated quality checks. Maintain FDA, CFIA, Health Canada and European Annex compliant records including transparent audit trails.

  • Line operators are alerted when repeated checks are required.
    Staff can “tell the story” with a photo or drawing.
  • Supervisors add digital signatures to lock fields.
  • Automated calculations and double blind fields ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • When a task is completed, the next staff member is alerted automatically.
  • Managers view all active batch records in the facility.
  • Receive notifications when issues occur and collaborate on solutions in real-time.
  • Download comprehensive batch records for audit purposes.
  • Create data visualizations through Power BI to understand insights and trends.

Answer the “who, what, when, where, and why?” of Quality Assurance.

Harness the power of Microsoft’s Power BI to understand insights and create beautiful reports for staff, leadership and other stakeholders.

Defects by line and type

Details regarding CI projects

Current status of CAPAs


Start from scratch or edit pre-built templates.

Select from a library of templates. Also, our professional services staff can help to create templates that perfectly suit your unique requirements.

The best way to understand our software is to experience it.

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