Terms of Service

Note: This Product License Agreement (“Agreement”) defines the terms of Weever Apps’ Product licenses to the Licensee.


Subscription Agreement’ (“Agreement”) defines the terms of Weever Apps’ terms of sale. By accepting these terms of this agreement, you warrant that: you have authority to enter into this Agreement with Weever Apps on behalf of the Subscriber you have read the terms herein, that, by submitting an agreeing to purchase the Weever’s Subscription Agreement you, on behalf of the Subscriber, agree to the terms of sale of this Agreement.

Subscription licenses that are paid annually. Customers who opt to cancel their annual subscription before the term has expired will have access to their app until the term expires and they will not receive a refund.

Weever maintains the right to cancel a customer's subscription. In the event that Weever cancels the subscription, the customer will receive 90 days notice and a refund prorated for the term left on the contract. All data that has been collected for the customer by Weever is available for download during this period.

Please do make sure before placing an order for a purchase that you have checked that your order details are correct. You will be bound by these terms and conditions on purchase and in respect of a trial, if you have any questions regarding them or have questions regarding Products please contact us at support@weeverapps.com

Functionality /Services/Additional Costs:  

In order for the functionality of the app/product to perform the customer recognizes that some external third party services account details must be establish and supplied for app integration and/or feeds of information. Some of these third party account services have open source and/or free subscription services, however some of these third party sources may change from free to a fee service or may change their rate fee of service.  Weever Apps Inc. is not responsible for any third party service fees, change of fees, interruption of third party services, or lack of or incorrect account information resulting in the app/product performance. In addition, some changes to these feeds may require programming and resubmission to native app stores which may result in additional charges.  Weever will quote these charges and receive purchase order and payment before proceeding.   When requiring technical support for third party services the customer will utilize the third party technical support as available.

Weever Apps Inc. is not responsible for any content displayed on the mobile app, this is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that content is both correct and legal.  Weever Inc. may include your corporate logo/app  on our customer/featured app sections on our web site.

Weever Apps Inc. has the exclusive right to remove and/or cancel license or product agreements without notice, and without any additional compensation should the content or use of the app be deemed unlawful, inappropriate content relating to promotion of sexism or racisms, or promoting inappropriate content to minors.