Weever wins Innovation Award

Weever Apps is proud to be acknowledged as Frost & Sullivan’s “New Product Innovation Award” winner for the North America Enterprise Mobile Forms market.

Weever has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan, a world leader in business research and consulting, as the most innovative new product in the category. According to Frost, Weever received this distinction due to the product’s ability to combine powerful data integrity features with a simple and intuitive interface.

Weever was developed initially to solve the complex requirements for FDA regulated Batch Record Management. To be compliant, software must deliver over 40 security features that govern everything from user permissions, to encryption and electronic signatures. Weever is now used to govern virtually any operations process, from Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) to Document Management and beyond.

The software’s compliance was audited by David Nettleton at Computer System Validation who gave it “special recognition for not only meeting, but also exceeding and improving upon industry best practices”.


According to Frost, key success factors for Weever Apps in the enterprise mobile forms market include:

  • Unique solution that meets the critical unmet need for compliance management in highly regulated industries
  • Powerful focus on satisfying vertical-specific requirements
  • Partnering to address ERP voids
    Strong credibility in the digital transformation software sector
  • Prioritizing solution affordability and value
  • Comprehensive post-sale enterprise support

We are very impressed with how well Weever meets the needs of the compliance community. Regulations complexity is expected to increase into the future, so the industry needs solutions like Weever to automate and simplify workflows.

Jeanine Sterling, Frost & Sullivan Industry Director - Mobile & Wireless Communications