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What Is A Skills Matrix And How to Create It?

A skills matrix is a framework used to understand employees’ skills and, most importantly, the gap between current and required skill level.


Skills Matrix Dashboard

Easily perform competency checks and understand skills and gaps instantly. Use your skills matrix to ensure you are compliant and always have the appropriate staff on every line, shift and worksite.


What are the types of abnormality categories and why should I use them?

How to use standard abnormality report categories and subcategories to create insight-driven reporting. Here are the recommended categories and subcategories as well as some helpful considerations for your frontline staff to aid next steps.


Behavior-Based Safety Overview

Over 90% of workplace incidents are caused by unsafe behaviors, not conditions.
As a result, reducing at-risk behaviors will have the greatest impact on incident frequency and severity.
Behavior-Based Safety Observation (BBSO) programs are the most turnkey and effective way to build better safety practices.


Episode 5: Eliminate Admin Time and Automate Tracking With Digital BBSOs with Steve McBride, CEO & Founder of Weever

In this episode of Digitization Mavericks, we are joined by Steve McBride, Weever’s very own CEO and Founder. Steve is a manufacturing veteran with more than 30 years of industry experience and has worked with manufacturers across every industry. Some of the topics Chris and Steve talk about are how to effectively organize and Behaviour Based Saftey Observation (BBSO) program, how automating tracking can make lives easier, and some of the best practices for BBSOs, regardless of technology integration.

Why is this important? Because over 90% of workplace incidents come from unsafe behavior. Behavior and practices on the shop floor are EVERYTHING and less time spent worrying about behavior means more time creating output for the company through continuous improvement.

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Making Better Continuous Improvement Data Available Via Digital Transformation

Juan is a process engineer with a decade of experience helping CPG manufacturers implement continuous improvement processes. In his latest role he found himself working at a small division of a large national food manufacturer that was just taking its first steps towards lean manufacturing and operational excellence.

Juan’s goal was to support the implementation of a lean manufacturing system into his new employer’s plant. To do that he needed data on production, productivity, and other general metrics and inputs required for OEE calculations.

For Juan to help, he needed data.


100+ year-old syrup manufacturer gets machine rolling faster with Weever

Monin was drowning in paper and looking for a system that would ensure compliant workflows and automate KPI reporting insights to inform continuous process improvement, all without overwhelming operators.


Episode 4: Maintenance Challenges Manufacturers Face Before Digitization with Chris Luecke, Regional SaaS Sales & Marketing Leader at Fiix Software

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Luecke, Host of the Manufacturing Happy Hour Podcast and a manufacturing veteran with more than 15 years of experience with companies like Anheuser-Busch, Rockwell Automation, and Fixx Software.


CPG factory realizes massive wins through Autonomous Maintenance with Weever.

Program performance has increased by over 500% with over 50,000 5S, CIL and Centerline submissions since launch.


Episode 3: Using Technology To Engage Employees in Manufacturing and Overcome Industry Staff Shortage with Jake Hall, The Manufacturing Millennial

In this episode, we are once again joined by Jake Hall for a second episode. We take a closer look at the industry laborforce issue, why more automation is leading to the digitization of manual frontline SOPs, the growth of AI in manufacturing, how companies can attract and engage a tech-enabled workforce, and how technology can be used to get more from your existing resources. This episode is the perfect listen for managers and senior leaders in manufacturing who are battling to retain staff, and seeking to invest in solutions that empower workers.