Weever Forms Boosts Productivity, Reduces Safety and Quality incidents

  • Increased Factory OEE by 11%
  • Reduced average time to close for reported incidents by over 400%
  • Increased incident reports and staff participation by over 300%


The Challenge
Our global CPG manufacturer customer wanted to digitize Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement (CI) workflows using Forms Manager. Each department was having issues with (1) collecting data efficiently from staff, (2) managing workflows and operational visibility, and (3) sharing data and generating reports to inform improvement cycle processes.
Their current paper form and spreadsheet system required a lot of time to administer and not delivering expected results. Paper form data capture was inefficient and prone to errors and stalff spent days rekeying non-digital data into spreadsheets.

The Implementation
The factory chose Forms Manager primarily because it offered the flexibility they required to adapt to their unique requirements. Instead of a lengthy implementation, Forms Manager’s cloud-based software was up-and-running in 2 weeks. Weever customer success staff worked with the factory’s app administrators to build forms and train staff.

The Results
Within one year, the factory increased incident reports and other forms of staff participation by over 300% and reduced the average time to close by over 400%. Best of all, they increased their Factory Efficiency (OEE) by 11%!

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