5S Auditing

We are global leaders in 5S Auditing because we provide everything you need to get the job done.

Customizable Templates

Dashboard Reporting

Automated Workflows

Schedule Management

Real-time Visibility

On-Demand Instructions

SOlve 5S with Weever

Say goodbye to inefficient 5S audits and hello to Weever.

Are you struggling with paper forms and spreadsheets for your 5S Auditing program? Get in touch to see how Weever can help you solve your 5S audits today!


Schedules & QR Codes

Ensure quick adoption and compliance.

  • Get started quickly with pre-built templates.
  • Build schedules assigned to areas or auditors.
  • Add physical QR Codes to link auditors quickly to the correct form.


Get it done correctly every time.

  • Capture photos, sketches and digital signatures.
  • Automate real-time instructions for each equipment type.
  • Create action items with assignees and due dates.
  • Measure cycle times to understand real impact.


Evaluate. Improve. Sustain.

  • Evaluate submissions in real-time.
  • Assign Action Items for audit failures.
  • Foster collaboration and monitor project status to completion

Automate Business Intelligence.

  • Customizable reporting dashboards
  • Download Spreadsheets & PDF documents
  • Automatically push data to other business systems
Download 5S Data Sheet

The 5S methodology is a great way to radically enhance productivity, reduce waste and build a culture of excellence.  

However, without an effective 5S Auditing program, the work to optimize workstations will be wasted as frontline staff fall back into old routines. 

The Weever Platform ensures audits occur based on a schedule. The platform also makes it easy for staff to conduct audits, escalate issues, and automate KPI reports. 

Download our 5S Auditing Software Data Sheet to understand how Weever solves 5S auditing.

Cycle time stopwatch

Measure Real Impact

Are you challenged to prove the ROI for your 5S program?

Use cycle times to show productivity increases by work area over time. Prove program effectiveness and better understand what areas would benefit most from your focus.

Stopwatch 5S cycle time
Performance Report Cycle time - 5S audit
  • Understand trends that inform strategy
  • Prove improvement and ROI
  • Effort against areas that will drive results

“Having cloud-based forms on devices around the facility makes them so much more accessible, which makes it painless for operators to quickly provide a report.”

Johanna Velez, VP Quality Assurance

Johanna Velez

"Weever is really user friendly and will have a massive positive impact on our operations and training team."

Mel Cadle - Op Ex Lead Process Engineer

Mel Cadle

“It’s shifted our safety culture because now we are much more focused on what we should be looking at.”

Kody Crossen, Operations Manager of EHS


5S Auditing

Automate 5S Auditing to ensure compliance and radically increase workstation productivity.

  • Extremely simple and easy to use.
  • Save time with automated reporting and administration.
  • Capture richer data and manage improvement workflows.
  • Automate schedules to ensure compliance.

Ultimate Guide to Success with 5S

How-to instructions, best practices, and customer stories to help you set up and manage a highly effective and impactful 5S program.

Do it all with Weever.

Weever is a comprehensive workflow management platform that is used to automate safety, quality, maintenance, production, compliance, continuous improvement and training operational requirements.