Line jobs up and knock them down. 

Move projects forward effortlessly. Create and assign action plans, automate alerts and due dates and see projects through to successful completion.


Automated action item Generation

Review what’s happening instantly

Tickets are generated automatically and in real-time. Supervisors evaluate each ticket and either close immediately or begin work on corrective actions. You can require a reason to close the ticket so that you know a supervisor has reviewed the data.

Assigned to me


Understand what I need to do. 

Staff can quickly understand what is assigned to them by simply selecting the “Assigned to me” option.

Assign Action Items


Understand who is on it

If a ticket requires action items, the supervisor assigned to the ticket can create them, assign them and set a due date for each. Each assignee will receive an email automatically with a link to the ticket.

Overdue Alerts


Keep the ball rolling

Understand relative due date status at a glance and receive alerts when a ticket is overdue.

Comment & Collaborate


Get answers immediately

Provide staff with an easy way to add comments and collaborate on solutions without having to scour the entire facility looking for the person they need to talk to.


Learn about the Platform.

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