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Simple access to your data in real-time. 

The Form Reports section provides spreadsheet-style reports for every form. Each field is a column, each row is a submission. Filter, search, sort your data. Download a spreadsheet or PDF documents. Access your data quickly and easily.


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Filter, Search and Sort


Find what you need quickly and easily.

Search, filter and sort form reports to find the information you need. Use quick date filters to view data from today, last 30 days, etc. Search for keywords. Sort columns to bring the relevant data into focus.

Download Spreadsheets

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Automate spreadsheets in real-time

Instead of manually adding data from paper forms, let Weever automatically create your spreadsheet for you. Download your filters, searched and sorted form reports as a CSV spreadsheet to use in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and other business applications.

Export PDFs


View your data as a document

Export any submission record as a PDF document, which can be printed, downloaded or emailed directly from Weever. Great for auditors that want to view records as documents instead of lists.


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