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Hazard Assessments 

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    How do Hazard Assessments Work?
    • Risk/Hazard Assessments are a standardized and simple way to ensure staff recognize potential risks and hazards and take appropriate actions.
    • Staff answer questions that relate to “Likelihood” and “Impact”.
    • Used to calculate a risk score and provide the next steps.
    • Risk assessments can be stand-alone or part of a larger process, such as “Take 5 for safety”
    Why are Hazard Assessments Important?
    1. Recognize and control hazards
    2. Build awareness 
    3. Enhance training opportunities
    4. Reduce incidents (especially major)
    5. Identify opportunities for improvement
    Why Digitize Hazard Assessments?

    Digitizing Hazard Assessments offers many advantages including better, more accurate reporting and enhanced real-time visibility should issues arise.

    • Increased Accessibility & Compliance - Digital forms are more accessible and can provide more suggestions empowered by richer data. Guide staff through the process to ensure they enter the correct information every time. 
    • Automate Administration - Spend less time with manual data entry, building reports and managing spreadsheets.
    • Real-time Visibility - Understand real-time project status and program KPIs at a glance.

    Hazard Assessments

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