How Walmart Utilizes Weever to Drive Proactive Safety

Distribution Center uses Safety Observations to be 60% to 70% more proactive and stop incidents before they occur. 

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case study highlights

  • Walmart used Weever to become 60% to 70% more "proactive".
  • Successful implementation of Weever's BBSO template resulted in a significant surge in safety observations within Walmart's Distribution Center.
  • Proactive engagement and participation from supervisors, facilitated by the platform's adaptability, led to the quick adoption of the BBSO program.
  • Innovative use of QR codes on racks facilitated easy access to BBSO forms, contributing to faster adoption rates.
  • Swift updates and widespread acceptance by the operations team showcased Weever's effectiveness in streamlining processes.

In an insightful customer story video, Kody Crossen, Operations Manager EHS for Walmart Distribution Center (DC) in Pennsylvania, reveals the invaluable role of Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO) in preventing safety incidents. Discover why Kody has found Weever, an innovative operations management software platform specializing in Food and CPG manufacturing, to be an indispensable tool for managing Walmart's BBSO program.

Enhancing Safety Observations with Weever

Seeking a comprehensive software solution for safety observation management, Kody turned to Weever. Dissatisfied with their existing system that merely checked off completed observations, Kody recognized the need for a platform that could offer intelligent insights to understand trends and proactively prevent incidents.

“We wanted to put our foot forward at being proactive and looking at various trends in the multitude of different procedures we have going on 24/7.”

Kody Crossen, Operations Manager of EHS, Walmart

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Walmart Distribution Center

Implementing Weever with Speed and Success

Kody successfully introduced Weever's adaptable BBSO template to his operations team, which was swiftly embraced by supervisors. Through a few simple updates, the program quickly gained momentum. Walmart ingeniously employed QR codes to make BBSO forms easily accessible, leading to faster adoption rates.

“We wanted everyone to buy into the ease of use, so another critical aspect was QR codes, which were placed on every single rack and the manager’s feedback was highly favorable.”

Kody Crossen, Operations Manager of EHS, Walmart

Leveraging Real-Time Data for Strategic Decision-Making

Weever empowers Kody to base his strategies and decisions on real-time data rather than relying on assumptions. The comprehensive reports allow him and his team to understand supervisor behavior and enhance engagement. Weever's insightful data breaks down at-risk issues by line, shift, area, and date, enabling Kody to determine the most effective proactive and preventive measures.

“We are finding out that a certain area has an issue with “pinch gripping”, so we are setting up more observations in those work areas to stay ahead of it and inform associates that this type of lifting leads to injury.” 

Kody Crossen, Operations Manager of EHS, Walmart

Building a Positive Safety Culture with Weever

Kody appreciates that Weever enables the recognition of associates who consistently demonstrate safe behaviors. Positive reinforcement plays a crucial role in fostering a robust safety culture. Furthermore, Kody believes Weever outshines other platforms by guiding supervisors through the process, ensuring successful outcomes.

“It’s shifted our safety culture because now we are much more focused on what we should be looking at. And it also allows the associates to understand what we are looking for so it's not as arbitrary as it once was. It’s creating a lot more conversation and I think it's making the associates much more mindful of their actions.”

Kody Crossen, Operations Manager of EHS, Walmart

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Expanding the Reach of Weever

Impressed with the benefits realized through Weever's implementation, Kody plans to extend its usage to additional safety applications within his Distribution Center.

Behavior-Based Safety Observations

Everything you need to get it done.

Customizable Templates

Dashboard Reporting

Automated Workflows

Schedule Management

Real-time Visibility

On-Demand Instructions

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Schedules & QR Codes

Make it easy to complete observations.

  • Get started quickly with pre-built templates.
  • Use on-demand instructions and conditional logic to simplify the experience and ensure compliance.
  • Build schedules and assign observations.
  • Instantly understand observation completion status.


Get it done correctly every time.

  • Capture photos, sketches, videos, and digital signatures.
  • Provide on-demand instructions to ensure compliance.
  • Accelerate efficiency and adoption with a simple and highly intuitive interface.


Evaluate and improve. 

  • Evaluate submissions in real-time.
  • Foster collaboration between frontline staff and management.
  • Monitor project status to completion.

Automate Business Intelligence.

  • Customizable reporting dashboards
  • Download Spreadsheets & PDF documents
  • Automatically push data to other business systems


Take a Guided Tour.

In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.

In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.



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