Transportation Manager keeps operations thriving with Weever Forms

Corey Halabi manages a fleet of over 55 buses and a geographic area stretching across most of Northern Alberta, Canada.

Before Forms Manager, Corey had issues retrieving the reports he needed to validate safety.

Driver’s operated their vehicles up to 200 kms away from Corey, so safety inspections, time logs and fuel receipts would take days, sometimes weeks, to be reported either directly, by email or faxed. As a result, there was very poor visibility and accountability.

Also, the cost of printing and distributing paper documents made a dent on his bottom line.

Forms Manager changed all of this.

  • With Forms Manager, each digital inspection automatically collects the submissions date/time and GPS location, so Corey could tell quickly if they were completed pre- and post-trip.
  • If there is an issue with a vehicle, the application automatically notifies the maintenance team and Corey. They are not only aware of the issue, they also can view photos and other details so they can make a plan without even seeing the bus.
  • The application is used to collect inspection reports, daily time logs and fuel receipts.
  • The ROI on the application was immediate. Corey thinks the cost will be offset within only a few months by the document management cost savings alone. This is not to mention the enhancements in vehicle maintenance workflow efficiencies as well as increase safety benefits.

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about what Forms Manager could do for you.

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