Behavior Based Safety Observations

Behavior Based Safety Observations help organizations keep safety “top-of-mind” by continuously reinforcing and training on safety protocols and best practices. Organizations are reaping the benefits with cost savings and a safer working environment.

We have identified some core challenges that our customers needed to overcome to ensure success, such as accessibility, perception, and time wasted chasing and nagging.

Our customers have reported a more than 50% time savings (including data capture and evaluation) and a more than 40% increase in participation and completion rates.

The Benefits of using a Peer-to-Peer methodology for your Behavior Safety Observations

Peer-to-peer behavior-based safety observation programs offer several advantages over a more centralized data capture approach. These programs leverage the power of employees observing and providing feedback to their peers on safety behaviors.

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Step-by-Step Guide to running a successful Safety Observation Program

In this practical guide, we’re going to break down the process, ensuring that you become a BBS expert and lead your team towards a safer, happier workplace.

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Boosting Safety and Efficiency: The Top 5 Benefits of a Behavior Observation Safety System in Manufacturing

The practice of Behavior-Based Safety can have a massive positive impact on the health and safety of your site. The methodology is relatively simple to implement, make safety more “top-of-mind” to staff and, ultimately, reduce incidents. Here are the Top 5 Benefits for implementing a Behavior Observation Safety System that we have witnessed with our customers:

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Proactive Safety: How Walmart Utilizes Weever to Drive Safety Excellence

Discover why Kody has found Weever, an innovative operations management software platform specializing in Food and CPG manufacturing, to be an indispensable tool for managing Walmart’s BBSO program.

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6 critical success factors of Behavior-Based Safety Observation Programs (BBSO)

Before you being rolling out your Behavior-Based Safety Observation program, you should consider the following questions. Determining the answers to these questions will ensure a flawless rollout and save time and headaches down the road.

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Behavior-Based Safety: A Brief History

The almost century-long history of Behavior-based safety began with research conducted by Herbert William Heinrich in the early thirties. Mr.Heinrich worked for Traveler’s Insurance Company in the early thirties. He reported that roughly 90% of all accidents, injuries, and illnesses were the result of what he called “worker errors.”*

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Behavior-Based Safety Observations Best Practices

Behavior Based Safety Observation programs (or BBSOs) have a 50 year track record of helping staff identify at-risk behavior and helping build safety-first work cultures. Many companies struggle with their BBSO programs due to poor employee adoption, tedious paper-based processes, and difficulty viewing trends in their data. Today we will highlight some best practices from a safety leader who has made their facility safer with BBSO.

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A Digital Do-Over: Transforming a Failing BBSO Program with Tech

Michael is the HSE manager working in a medium-sized factory in New Jersey. They implemented their own BBSO program, rolling out a paper-based system.

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Behavior-Based Safety Observation Sample Questions

Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO) require staff to fill out observation forms featuring questions. But what questions to ask? Let’s dive in.

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Behavior-Based Safety Observation Ideas

Safety Observation (BBSO) ideas and questions to ask. Andy Pritchard  |   April 21, 2022  |    5 min read What are Behavior-Based Safety Observations? Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO) are an integral part of modern, proactive safety programs. The goal is to reduce the number of incidents by recognizing safe behavior and eliminating unsafe practices either…

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