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As a general rule, a supervisor or competent person must inspect a construction site at least once per week to ensure that the site does not reasonably endanger workers. Construction Site Audits include tests and observations necessary for the detection of hazardous conditions. Each region will have its own laws that govern audit requirements and frequency. Manufacturers may also provide required inspections for machines and equipment used by workers at the site.

If an incident occurs, to avoid liability the organization must provide a history of properly conducted site audits to prove compliance with regional safety standards.

Construction Site Audits can include the following:

  • Machinery and equipment ( e.g. fire extinguishing equipment, electrical installations, etc.)
  • Communication systems
  • Sanitation and medical facilities
  • Buildings and other structures
  • Temporary supports and means of access and egress

According to COR (Certification of Recognition) standards in Canada, to be compliant organizations must not only inspect on site vehicles, machines, tools and equipment, but the organization must also be able to prove that inspections were completed as scheduled and assigned.

Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when digitizing your Construction Site Audits.

Inspections & Audits

1) Schedule & Assign

Construction sites are busy places and supervisors are responsible for a lot. If its not a priority then it won't get done. Create a schedule and assign inspections to your supervisors so they are aware of the requirements.

Weever Inspections includes a built in scheduler where you can assign audit forms to app users and/or sites.

construction site audit

2) Reduce Form Clutter

Make the Construction Site Audit process as painless as possible by removing unnecessary requirements.

For example, instead of describing an issue, staff can simply take a photo and add a few notes. Even better - add a sketch to draw attention to the issue.

The Photo Capture Form Builder Element allows for staff to snap a photo and sketch on it immediately. Learn more about the Form Builder.

3) Make it easy to access

Ensure the construction site audits are immediately accessible on every device so the site supervisor can do it quickly and move on. A BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy can be used to let staff use their own phones. No more excuses.

Our apps are cloud-based and accessible with any browser on virtually any device.


4) Automate Failure Workflows

Limit the responsibility of staff by automating workflows for inspection failures.

Site Supervisors then are only required to fill out and submit a form. If a failure occurs, staff can be informed of the standard operating procedure and the person responsible for the machine or equipment can be automatically notified.

All Construction Site Audits can be automatically saved as in progress tickets. Supervisors manage ticket status and assign to staff. You can also set up conditional email notifications based on the user's selection.

Form Reports - INspections

5) Get Real-time Reporting

Get reports in real-time so you can see immediately if any checks were missed or require immediate action.

Form Reports are accessible instantly upon submission ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.


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