Overview of Food Production Sanitation Regulations

In response to a growing number of foodborne illness outbreaks, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 shifted the focus from responsive contamination management to preventing food safety problems before they occur and recognizes the importance of strong foodborne illness and outbreak surveillance systems.


Why you should be executing Autonomous Maintenance and you should start today

Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is the most important pillar within the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methodology because it provides maintenance teams with the data and the time to make the other pillars happen. There are numerous benefits that can be realized with a well managed AM program. Here are the top benefits that we have witnessed while working with our customers.

Do you wish you could be part of a culture of excellence that inspires innovation, collaboration, and engagement? Well, look no further! Top 5 Frontline Employee Engagement Best Practice | Weever

Investing in employee skills and training can have numerous benefits for manufacturing organizations, including increased employee engagement, motivation, retention, productivity, and quality.

From process standardization and real-time monitoring to the reduction of complexity and improved collaboration, there are many ways where automation can reduce errors and increase productivity in your facility.

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Project Management header

5 Tips to Ensure Effective Change Management in Manufacturing.

Topics covered in this article: Standardization is key. Consult all stakeholders especially those affected most by the change.  Take your time. Ensure your process is compliant with regulatory requirements. Provide a variety of ways for staff to understand the change before you implement it. Heraclitus had it right when he coined the saying “Change is…


Continuous Improvement Survey Results

Continuous Improvement (CI) is not a core function of manufacturing in that manufacturers can produce their products without engaging in continuous improvement practices. As a result, if not consistently reinforced and supported, CI programs can lose momentum and fail. If CI is a car, then staff engagement is the fuel that propels it forward. CI…


How to protect essential workers in the factory.

Over 20 tips on how to keep factory workers safe and productive during a global pandemic. Weever is a continuous improvement software company. We work primarily with manufacturers in the food/beverage and consumer packaged goods (CPG) space. Our customers are the brands that fill your pantries and bathrooms. As you can imagine almost everything changed…

frost digital transformations

Key Leadership Trends in Today’s Mobile Forms Market

Mobile forms solutions have proven to be a popular way to ease today’s businesses into their individual digital transformation experience. According to this Frost Digital Transformations article, “Any organization that is still dependent upon manual, paper-heavy processes should be seriously evaluating a transition to mobile forms. High-potential industries include construction and engineering, healthcare, retail, manufacturing,…

wired internet of things

What the Internet Of Things Will Bring to the Workplace

According to, “Data entry is another way to boost productivity. M2M can help create efficiency around this task — and limit mistakes. As more devices become connected, manual entry will fall by the wayside, giving humans more time to focus on ways to be proactive with the data rather than spending time entering it.”…

PWC Workforce of Future

Workforce of the future

According the Price Waterhouse Cooper, By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce.   


27 Stats about Digital Workplace Transformation

Digital transformations and employee enablement are important focuses in our changing working world.  According to Dizzion “Organizations resoundingly agree that digital workplace enhancements are important to company success, and many are making moves in that direction.“


How Executives Around The World View Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also referred to as Industry 4.0, is the marriage of the physical world with digital technologies like analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies and the internet of things (IoT). To better understand the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s impact on business, Forbes Insights and Deloitte surveyed more than 1,600 executives in the Americas, Asia-Pacific…

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