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Drive Operational Excellence through Human Insights

In an increasingly complex industrial landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of the Human Insights that fuel Operational Excellence and sustainable growth through continuous improvement. Weever enables, energizes, and empowers your staff to pursue excellence in operations.

Automate Core Processes

Empower successful outcomes at every level of your organization by removing barriers and making it easy to capture, manage and understand abnormalities and compliance requirements.

Digitize Everything.

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Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA)

Identify and control hazards for unsafe work areas.

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Fire Protection Inspections

Create schedules and provide instructions. Receive alerts for missed and failed inspections.

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Gemba Walks

Ensure Gemba Walks are completed correctly including photos or video capture.

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GMP Compliance Audits

Good manufacturing practice audit template. Make it simple. Take photos.

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Hazard Assessment

Ensure staff property identify and report hazards before initiating work.

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Hoist Inspections

Schedule and provide instructions. Capture rich data to ensure safety.

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Incident & Near Miss

Accessible and customizable template to capture what you need to initiate and manage investigations.

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Digitize Kaizen workflows and promote continuous improvement from small, ongoing, incremental positive changes.

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Knowledge Center

Build a library of accessible documentation.

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Lift Inspections

Create and manage schedules. Provide real-time, on-demand instructions to ensure compliance.

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Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Ensure your LOTO processes are adhered to for each machine.

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M-EWO Reports

Maintenance Emergency Work Order template.

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Spend more time doing what you love... 

... and less time fighting spreadsheets.


Spend more time doing what you love...

... and less time fighting spreadsheets.

From document management costs, to waste reduction, and staff reallocation, there are numerous ways our customers save time and money. Weever enables leadership to get out from behind spreadsheets and on to the floor where they can work with frontline staff to create real positive change.

Monin saves 3+ hours per day with Weever.


Monin saves 3+ hours per day with Weever.

Monin was drowning in paper and looking for a system that would ensure compliant workflows and automate KPI reporting insights to inform continuous process improvement, all without overwhelming operators.



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"Weever saves me time, makes data visible and drives results!"

DENAIR M. - Training Manager

"Weever has changed how I run our business."

Ingrid K. - Plant Director

"Weever is extremely easy to use and simple to manage."

NICKI V - CI Engineer

"Weever gives me immediate insights into my business."

COLIN H. - Operational Excellence Manager

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Maximize the power of your 

Human Intelligence



Maximize the power of your 

Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is excellent at managing predictable situations, crunching big data, and providing insights based on known variables. But what happens when things become unpredictable? That’s when you need to leverage the power of the Human Intelligence (HI) that already exists within your organization.

Why Weever?

Our platform has enabled Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence for over 10 years. 

Flexible & Customizable.

Weever feels like a custom solution because of its flexibility. Weever is super easy to configure, which makes it useful across a variety of industries, departments, and use cases.

Simple Pricing with No User Fees.

Pay one license for the entire site. No setup fees. No user fees. Unlimited forms, users, assets, etc. Our simple, predictable pricing structure takes the guesswork out of pricing and allows you to get everyone involved.

Easy to Use.

Weever ensures adoption because it’s so easy for staff to just pick up and use. Weever delivers successful outcomes every time, which builds confidence, satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Your Success is our Priority.

We only succeed if you succeed. We build partnerships with our customers by understanding your challenges so we can help you overcome them.


Take a Guided Tour.

In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.

In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.


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