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If it’s not scheduled, it’s not happening.

Autonomous Operations require frontline staff to audit and inspect elements of your organization. If you do not create and hold your staff accountable to a schedule, there is little chance it is going to happen. Use Weever to configure and manage data capture schedules and never miss another inspection or audit.

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Manage Schedules

Schedule Audits and Inspections

Set it and forget it

Add any audit and inspection form to your schedule. Set recurring and fixed schedules. Create blackout periods and bulk pause and resume as your operations require.



Ensure Accountability

Staff can be assigned inspections directly or they simply view what is due for the line they are working on.

Automate Workflows

Due Dates

Receive alerts for failures.

“Failed” inspections automatically create a ticket for supervisor evaluation.

Monitor Performance

Monitor Performance-2

Understand everything.

Easily understand in real-time which inspections and audits have been completed, not started, overdue, passed, failed, etc.

Scheduling Features

Flat list that shows every inspection in the entire system regardless of line or machine. Filter this view by line, machine, inspections type, shift, etc.

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