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Conditional Number Fields – Use Cases & Best Practices

The Weever platform includes conditional number functionality. This allows administrators to reveal certain form fields only if a response to a number field is above, below or in between a given threshold. This article reviews some applicable use cases and best practices for how to set this up in your forms. Use Cases Cycle of…

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Out-of-tolerance checks best practice – conditional number fields

Autonomous Maintenance Inspections Autonomous Maintenance, a focus for many of our customers, requires machine operators to take on simple maintenance tasks (like cleaning, inspecting and lubricating components). This frees up time for the maintenance team, allowing them to focus on predictive and/or preventive measures. With conditional numbers, it is possible to provide additional required inputs…

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The Principles of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing

This article includes: Why improve? How is Operational Excellence Different? How does Operational Excellence Work? Principle 1: Understand Customer Value and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Principle 2: Deploy a system that recognizes defects, corrects them quickly, and prevents them from recurring in the future. Principle 3: Foster a culture that continuously pursues perfection. Principle 4:…

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Employee Engagement Organizational Benefits

It’s no secret that employee engagement boosts individual, team and overall operational performance. Improved engagement is proven to have a positive impact on margins, employee retention, safety, and bottom-line profitability. Below you will find a list of research studies that support the hypothesis that investments in employee engagement collelate to increase performance across the board.…

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5 Tips to Ensure Effective Change Management in Manufacturing.

Topics covered in this article: Standardization is key. Consult all stakeholders especially those affected most by the change.  Take your time. Ensure your process is compliant with regulatory requirements. Provide a variety of ways for staff to understand the change before you implement it. Heraclitus had it right when he coined the saying “Change is…

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Enabling the Cycle of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing

Operational Excellence is a process and a result. Operational Excellence (OpEx) is a management framework for organizations to focus on growth and streamline productivity. It involves creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are clear and followed consistently by staff. These SOPS are easy to execute and staff feel enabled to complete them efficiently. The net…

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fixx partners with Weever

Announcing a new collaboration between Fiix and Weever

A new partnership announced today between Fiix Inc. and Weever makes it easier than ever for companies to embrace the power of Industry 4.0 technology to connect maintenance and operations, streamline processes, and use real-time data to bolster the health and performance of both assets and staff.

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5s audit scorecard

The 3 EEEs of Sustainable Frontline Employee Engagement

Are you part of the 71% of executives that say Employee Engagement is critical to the company’s success?
In order to foster a culture of excellence you need to increase engagement of your employees by ensuring they are Empowered, Energized and Enabled.

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Why Frontline Employee Engagement is the most important success factor for Operational Excellence.

We all know we need to continuously improve and innovate in order to remain competitive. We must find efficiencies, increase quality, enhance productivity and keep people safe. The question is not “why” but “how”? How do we create and foster a culture of operational excellence. Operational Excellence (OpEx) is defined as a management framework that…

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Weever Boosts Productivity, Reduces Safety and Quality incidents

Within one year, the factory increased incident reports and other forms of staff participation by over 300% and reduced the average time to close by over 400%. Best of all, they increased their Factory Efficiency (OEE) by 11%!

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