How to remove wasted administration time from your auditing process

Andy Pritchard  |   March 23, 2022  |    5 min read

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    Audits are usually required by law, can include layers of complexity and stiff fines if completed incorrectly. Digitization helps to elevate engagement, simplify administration and ensure compliance requirements are met. 

    How do Audits work?

    Audits are examinations of equipment, documentation and processes to ensure that they hold up to expectations. Some audits are required by law, other are required by corporate commitments and some are just good practice. Audits can be completed by third parties or internal stakeholders. Audits are administered based on a scheduled frequency.

    Audits are important because:
    1. Ensures SOPs are being followed.
    2. Adherence to legal or regulatory requirements.
    3. Opportunity to review, evaluate and update SOPs.
    4. Determines gaps and areas for improvement.


    How can digitization remove administration time from auditing programs?

    Audits usually require multiple stakeholders to collaborate, which is better facilitated through digital frameworks. Stakeholders can understand the status in real-time. Digitization also makes it easier for auditors to offer more rich data, including photos, video, etc. Staff can also be guided through the experience, which helps to ensure compliance.

    Increase Accountability & Compliance

    Schedules and notifications ensure audits happen when and by whom they are required. Software helps to guide staff through the process to ensure a successful outcome. Also, captured data is clearer and easy to understand.

    Real-time Visibility & Collaboration

    Instead of waiting for paper forms to be completed and handed over, digital solutions allow stakeholders to understand the current status as the audit is being conducted. Staff can collaborate on issues as they come up. 2-way communications and collaborative form editing help to ensure accuracy.

    Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

    Auditing software makes audits more accessible and offers a more simplified user experience. Staff can snap a quick photo and add an eSignature to verify compliance.

    Software also automates workflow and reporting administration, so managers can save time and money usually associated with program management. This allows managers to spend less time in front of spreadsheets building reports and managing projects and more time working with staff, on the floor, adding value.


    • Customize pre-built templates.
    • Guide staff with on-demand instructions, call-outs and tutorials.
    • Capture photos, sketches and digital signatures.
    • Build and manage schedules including automated notifications.
    • Automate KPI reporting andn share data with other business systems in real-time.
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