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Embrace the Paperless Revolution for Enhanced Productivity, Visibility, and Compliance.


Are you still drowning in paper?

In the era of digital transformation and automation, factories have experienced remarkable technological advancements. Yet, astonishingly, many factories still rely on mountains of paper to capture data, manage workflows, and generate KPI reports on the factory floor. It's time to revolutionize your operations and empower your frontline staff with cutting-edge digital tools.

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper forms and documentation, along with their associated costs, and say hello to a new era of heightened productivity, real-time visibility, and uncompromising compliance.

“Having cloud-based forms on devices around the facility makes them so much more accessible, which makes it painless for operators to quickly provide a report.”

Johanna Velez, VP Quality Assurance

Johanna Velez

"Weever is really user friendly and will have a massive positive impact on our operations and training team."

Mel Cadle - Op Ex Lead Process Engineer

Mel Cadle

“It’s shifted our safety culture because now we are much more focused on what we should be looking at.”

Kody Crossen, Operations Manager of EHS


Data Capture

1. Faster, richer, and more accurate.

Experience greater efficiency and compliance in data capture with our digital forms and checklists. On average, workers and leaders complete forms 20% faster compared to using traditional pen and paper, while error rates plummet by over 50%. Digital tools also provide the ability to capture and share richer data, including photos, videos, and eSignatures, which help to tell the whole story and save time. Common use cases include:

Workflow Management

2. Ensure work moves forward.

Ensure appropriate stakeholders are alerted in real-time of issues that arise on the factory floor so that they can evaluate, collaborate, and correct them quickly. Provide clear workflow paths so supervisors can create action plans to prevent the issue from recurring and continuously improve your facility.



3. Real-time Insights.

By capturing data consistently and in real-time through our digital forms, your team members gain the power to uncover valuable insights and take prompt action. Deviations can be instantly flagged, and automated notifications ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Seamless Documentation

4. Instant Access to Resources.

Improve access to critical information by centralizing all your operational knowledge within a user-friendly hub. With just a few taps, your workers can access digital work instructions, manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, electrical drawings, production schedules, etc. Access to critical on-demand information makes it easier for frontline staff to be self-sufficient and deliver successful outcomes, which has a massive impact on employee retention and engagement.


"It's easy to anticipate safety issues with Weever."

“In a warehouse setting it's very easy to fall into the trap of being reactive. With Weever we are 60-70% proactive. That's huge!"

Kody Crossen | Operations Manager of EHS, Walmart DC6080

executive with ipad-min


5. Ace Audits.

Enhance compliance and traceability by digitizing critical documentation related to training certifications, quality inspections, and safety audits. Reduce compliance risks, breeze through audits, and maintain impeccable standards effortlessly.


6. Contribute to a Sustainable Future.

Did you know that every 10,000 sheets of paper cost one tree and 13,000 gallons of water to produce? By eliminating paper from your operations and embracing our paperless solutions, you're not only improving efficiency but also fulfilling your sustainability promise.


Solve Operational Excellence with Weever

Are you ready to revolutionize your factory's operations? Embrace the power of Weever and experience the remarkable benefits of a paperless factory. Contact us today to get started on your journey towards operational excellence.



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"The Weever suite is easy to understand and the support from the team has been amazing!"

Laura Curtis - Operational System and Process Manager, HelloFresh

"Weever saves me time, makes data visible and drives results!"

DENAIR M. - Training Manager

"Weever has changed how I run our business."

Ingrid K. - Plant Director

"Weever is extremely easy to use and simple to manage."

NICKI V - CI Engineer

"Weever gives me immediate insights into my business."

COLIN H. - Operational Excellence Manager

"The Weever team are extremely helpful and are always on hand to help with any questions or queries we may have."

Mel Cadle - Op Ex Lead Process Engineer, HelloFresh

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