Factory Monitoring

Light speed data capture.

Efficient data capture is key.

To pursue perfection in manufacturing, you need to collect rich data in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The tools you use must enable and empower staff - not get in the way.

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Data is the lifeblood of your organization. 

Systems are only as good as the data upon which they run. Many of our customers used to use paper forms and spreadsheets until they got serious about accelerating growth through Operational Excellence.

Data capture in manufacturing needs to be as efficient as possible so as not to distract operators. The data is used to inform KPIs, create improvement projects and confirm compliance.



Flexible and efficient data capture.

Build forms from scratch or adapt a template built using industry best practices. Use conditional form logic to capture photos, eSignature, automated calculations, and more.

Staff are alerted when scheduled or triggered data capture is required. An intuitive and clean design ensures the most efficient data capture experience possible.

Form Builder

Flexible to your unique needs. 

Adapt pre-existing templates or create your own forms. Use pre-existing fields or we will develop fields designed specifically to accelerate your unique requirements.

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Conditional Logic

Show only what they need to see.

Your operators are not just “filling out a form”, they are providing vital information that will be used to improve your organization. You need a platform designed for the unique needs of your operators.

Conditional logic allows you to display only fields that are applicable, which saves time and keeps their attention on the floor.

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Say a “thousand words” and reduce “guesswork”.

Staff can take photos using the native camera or upload photos on virtually any device. This saves time and adds rich context to reports.

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Ensure the work is completed correctly with compliant approvals. 

Signatures lock fields so the data cannot be changed by a staff member after approved.

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Ensure the work gets done correctly and by the right person.  

Automate schedules and assignments so that staff are aware of assignments and due dates. Assign tasks to machines, users or lines. Adapt schedules as required.

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We enable Operational Excellence for some of the best companies in the world.

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“Weever is very fast and very efficient. Everything just works and flows. It’s really nice to work with. I love it.”

Carmen Hartigan

Training Coordinator

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