Real-Time Visibility & Reporting

Automate reports and understand insights instantly.

Reduce time and money spent on manual inputting, administration and data management.  Weever makes it easy to automate reporting and get insights from the frontline in real-time.

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Why Digitize Reporting?

Up-to-date, accurate and rich reports are imperative to effectively manage your business in today’s competitive business environment. Data-driven insights help to drive strategic business decisions, do the right things at the right time and understand results. Paper forms and spreadsheets require costly administrative work, are prone to errors and require too much of a time lag between events and their reporting. Weever makes it easy to automate reporting so you can more effectively manage your operations.

Dashboards & Real-time visibility

Keep track of KPIs. Share instantly with coworkers and staff.

Weever’s customizable reporting automation tools allow you to create stunning dashboards that automatically update in real-time.

Safety Audit Checklist Report
Safety Audits Checklist
Machine Breakdown Analysis
Machine Pre-Start Inspections
Lockout Tagout (LOTO)
Quality Defect Checks
CAPA Report

Form Reports

Your data. Your way. 

Spreadsheets style tables that can be easily filtered, searched and sorted how you see fit.

  • Spreadsheet Downloads - Download any report as a spreadsheet to use in Excel and other business applications
  • Export Documents - print or download a PDF of any submission

DATA integration

Share your data automatically.

Connect Weever with your organization’s software infrastructure. Use Weever’s OData REST API to share the data collected in Weever with other business systems, including Microsoft Power BI.

Calendar reports

Understand when things are happening at a glance.

Create calendar views that show the status of projects, action items and schedules. Filter by period, shift, department, etc.


Best-in-class Cloud-Based Security

Our organization and platform use the most up-to-date security best practices and protocols to ensure your data remains your data.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Comprehensive Encryption
  • GDPR Compliant
  • SOC2 Type II Compliant
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (FDA, EU Annex, Health Canada)

Learn about the Platform.

  • Platform Functionality Details
  • Security Features
  • Case Studies

Making Better Continuous Improvement Data Available Via Digital Transformation

Juan Vizcaya is a process engineer with a decade of experience helping CPG manufacturers implement continuous improvement processes. Juan’s goal was to support the implementation of a lean manufacturing system. To do that he needed data on production, productivity, and other general metrics and inputs required for OEE calculations.


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In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.

In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.