3 ways to get operators more involved in maintenance

Creating an autonomous maintenance program is a great way to increase machine up-time and focus on more strategic machine maintenance programs. Getting the operators involved in clean, inspect and lubricate (CIL) maintenance task keeps the line running smoother. Operators learn a bit more about what is "under the hood" of each machine, which makes them better machine operators.

Here are some quick tips on how to get operators more involved in your machine maintenance activities. 

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1) Simple Tools

Operators are focused on ensuring the line is running smoothly. If any tasks are added, it can create stress and confusion. Ensure the tools you use to execute machine inspections and collect data are as simple as possible.

Weever offers a highly intuitive user experience featuring big buttons and a simple navigation. Customers create forms based on templates that feature powerful data capture fields including photos, eSignatures and more ...

2) Schedule & Assign

If you don't schedule it and make staff accountable, it is not going to happen. Schedules need to be easily accessible so that staff can find them easily. Also, making schedules "public" to your staff increase accountability. Staff know that they are being "monitored" not only by management but also by their peers.

Weever is accessible on virtually any device. Our customers use inexpensive android tablets for each line or work area. Each tablet is "bookmarked" to the respective line so staff simply click the app icon, login and view their line's inspection schedule. No more excuses.

3) Provide Instructions

Operators are not maintenance staff, so a little hand-holding for maintenance tasks can be very well received. Use information boxes in forms to provide detailed instructions for the tasks. Photos, step-by-step guides, and PPE checklist are handy. Staff can skip these tutorials as they become more confident and comfortable with the tasks.

Use Info Boxes in the Form Builder tool to add your own instructions to each maintenance tasks. Some of our customers add quick videos of a maintenance professional executing the task.

We hope this information has helped. Offloading simple maintenance tasks to machine operators can have a huge impact on machine downtime/uptime, staff engagement and OEE.

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to learn more about us and what we do.

Autonomous Maintenance

  • Customize CIL Form Templates
  • Create a "Digital Twin" of your facility
  • Build and Manage Inspection Schedules
  • Guide staff through the process with on-demand training
  • Automate work orders and real-time KPI reporting