Marks, Canadian Tire, Sportschek solves vendor non-compliance with Weever.

Customer Story Interview with Brendan O’Beirne, Manager, Vendor Standards | Mark’s & SportChek.

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    Customer Profile


    Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd. is one of Canada’s most iconic and trusted companies, providing customers from coast-to-coast with innovative products and services. The company boasts some of the largest retail chains, including SportChek, Mark's and Party City.

    The following is an interview with Brendan O’Beirne, Manager, Vendor Standards | Mark’s & SportChek.

    The Challenge

    What was the original challenge that led you to look for software as a solution?

    "We needed a way to document non compliant shipments sent to us from our vendors in a way the clearly demonstrated the errors to the vendors. Additionally, we needed to capture this evidence from multiple locations with distribution to specific downstream teams (including the ability to have a file format that can be saved on an SFTP0 based on the location that identified the non compliance."

    What were you using before Weever to manage the original use case?

    "For Mark’s we used Weever from the start of our compliance program. For FGL it was based on way too many emails, and by in large the honour system when it came it providing evidence of the non compliance. Much better today with the backup photos we have today. For 3rd party locations it was based on labour hours logged for rework that was needed due to vendor errors."

    • Submissions were low (less than 100/month)
    • Low submitting users / engagement

    The Implementation

    How did the roll out go?

    "The roll out was very smooth. User friendly interface, and received well by all locations using the tool.  It was also a big benefit to our vendors. They started getting much better backup to show them exactly what shipping/packing errors they had made."


    How quickly did you expand to other use cases from the original?

    "I am a little unsure of the timeline, as it was other teams that found expanded uses, but I believe it happened fairly quickly. I know there are several locations – Mark’s, FGL, and Canadian Tire that use the Forms for a variety of functions at this time. We also see the various forms being rolled out for new locations, and adopted by existing location today."

    How is your team enjoying Weever?

    "I do not see/use all the forms that have been created, but the Compliance one that me and my team use daily has been great. It gives us exactly what we need to accurately apply enforce our compliance program."

    How did you find working with the Weever Customer Success Team?

    I have zero complaints, and only good things to say.

    Since the launch, submissions by month have increased from 384 to averaging over 2000. Weever has expanded from the original use case to a variety of use cases across all retail divisions including Distribution Center Production Support and VST Penalty Forms.

    The Results

    What would you would like to share about your experience with Weever?

    I can’t share the actual numbers that are associated with the use of the Weever tool, but I can anecdotally say that the files the app/tool provides are of incredible value.

    Not just for Mark’s and FGL internally but also for our vendors. We constantly receive feedback that the backup photos and comments we provide them (via Weever) are instrumental in addressing root cause issues.

    Additionally… I’ve been told more than a few times that other large retailers do not provide the same level of detail.  I truly believe that this gives us an advantage when it comes to helping vendors correct persistent errors (or even better, prevent a one-off error from becoming persistent).

    It is also very easy to add new users and get them trained on how to use the forms. All in all – easy to use, and provides significant value to Mark’s, FGL, CTR, and out vendor partners.

    The platform offers flexibility and options that I believe may lead to additional uses in the future."


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    In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.


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