Mark’s increased Non-Compliance Reports by over 500% within 3 months with Weever.

How Brendan O’Breirne ​​of Marks, Canadian Tire, and Sportschek, solves vendor non-compliance


case study highlights

  • A remarkable 500% increase in Non-Compliance Reports within just three months of implementing Weever.
  • Monthly submissions surged from a mere 384 to an impressive average of over 2000, showcasing the platform's immediate impact.

In the fiercely competitive retail landscape, operational efficiency and vendor compliance are critical for success. This case study delves into the transformative journey of Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd., focusing on one of its prominent brands, Mark’s, and its innovative use of Weever to address challenges, enhance operational processes, and realize substantial returns on investment.

Customer Profile


Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd. is one of Canada’s most iconic and trusted companies, providing customers from coast-to-coast with innovative products and services. The company boasts some of the largest retail chains, including SportChek, Mark's and Party City.

The Challenge

Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd., a retail giant with brands like Mark's and SportChek, faced a significant challenge: efficiently documenting and addressing non-compliant shipments from vendors.

Brendan O’Beirne, Manager of Vendor Standards for Mark’s & SportChek, recalls the need for a solution that could not only capture errors comprehensively but also streamline communication across multiple locations.

Before adopting Weever, the process relied on a combination of emails, an honor system, and manual labor hours for rework at third-party locations.

Submissions were low, with less than 100 per month, leading to minimal user engagement and incomplete compliance tracking.


The Implementation

Weever proved to be the catalyst for change. The rollout was seamless, with a user-friendly interface embraced by all locations. Vendors benefited significantly, receiving detailed insights into their shipping and packing errors. The tool's versatility led to its quick adoption for various functions across Mark’s, FGL, and Canadian Tire.

Q: How quickly did you expand to other use cases from the original?

A: "I am a little unsure of the timeline, as it was other teams that found expanded uses, but I believe it happened fairly quickly. I know there are several locations – Mark’s, FGL, and Canadian Tire that use the Forms for a variety of functions at this time. We also see the various forms being rolled out for new locations, and adopted by existing location today."

- Brendan O’Beirne, Manager, Vendor Standards | Mark’s & SportChek.

Brendan O’Beirne commends Weever's role in facilitating compliance enforcement, emphasizing its ease of use. The expansion from the initial use case to forms for Distribution Center Production Support and VST Penalty Forms showcased the platform's adaptability and widespread adoption.

Q: How is your team enjoying Weever?

A: "Weever gives us exactly what we need to accurately apply enforce our compliance program. I have zero complaints, and only good things to say."

- Brendan O’Beirne, Manager, Vendor Standards | Mark’s & SportChek.

The Results

The impact of Weever on Canadian Tire's operations is measurable and substantial.

Since implementation, monthly submissions skyrocketed from 384 to over 2000, demonstrating a 500% increase in Non-Compliance Reports within three months.

While specific numbers remain confidential, the qualitative feedback from Brendan O’Beirne highlights the invaluable role Weever plays. The detailed backup photos and comments provided through Weever proved instrumental in addressing root causes and correcting persistent errors, giving Canadian Tire a competitive advantage in vendor relations.

Q: What would you would like to share about your experience with Weever?

A: "We constantly receive feedback that the backup photos and comments we provide vendors (via Weever) are instrumental in addressing root cause issues. I’ve been told more than a few times that other large retailers do not provide the same level of detail.  I truly believe that this gives us an advantage when it comes to helping vendors correct persistent errors (or even better, prevent a one-off error from becoming persistent).

- Brendan O’Beirne, Manager, Vendor Standards | Mark’s & SportChek.

The platform's user-friendly nature, coupled with the continuous support from Weever's Customer Success Team, made onboarding new users seamless. The flexibility and options offered by Weever hint at potential future use cases, showcasing its ongoing relevance and adaptability. Since the launch, Weever has expanded from the original use case to a variety of use cases across all retail divisions including Distribution Center Production Support and VST Penalty Forms.


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In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.


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