OPERATIONS management software

Ensure engagement and compliance with customizable safety forms, documentation and schedules.


Evaluate, collaborate and correct issues in real-time. Create and assign preventive projects and track them to completion.


Capture audits, inspections, observations and intelligence from frontline staff with simple and powerful digital forms.


Automate insights and enhance visibility with customizable dashboards. Understand what is going on at all times.

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Worker safety is no accident.

Understanding where, when, why, and how incidents occur is the first step to preventing them. This requires data from near misses, hazard/risk assessments, behavior observations, inspections and audits. As the quantity and quality of your data increases, so will the quality of your insights, which will positively impact ROI, KPIs, and site safety in general.

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Walmart customer story

Proactive Safety: How Walmart Utilizes Weever to Drive Safety Excellence

“In a warehouse setting, it's very easy to fall into the trap of being reactive. With Weever we are 60-70% proactive. That's huge! It's easy to anticipate safety issues with Weever BBSOs."

Kody Crossen, Operations Manager of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), Walmart DC6080

Download the Ultimate Guide to Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO)

Instructions, customer stories, and best practices on setting up and managing an effective BBSO program to help you avoid over 90% of workplace incidents that result from at-risk behaviors.

Safety Solutions


Safety Audit Checklist

Ensure monthly audit requirements are completed and compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Shift Duty Roster

Manage Shift Duty Rosters to ensure tasks are getting done.


Shift Report

Comprehensive shift-to-shift reporting on production, safety, quality, maintenance, etc.


Vehicle & Trailer Pre & Post Trip Inspection

Digitize fire protection inspections to ensure they are completed correctly.


Visitor Orientation

Provide a welcome video/presentation and forms for visitors to complete before entering the site.


Warehouse Housekeeping Inspections

Inspect forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment before each use to ensure proper functioning and safety.


Warehouse Pallet Rack Inspections

Create and manage schedules. Receive alerts for failed or missed inspections.


Work Permits

Ensure compliance processes for all work permits.

Safety Dashboards

Customizable reporting dashboards.


Abnormality Reporting (F-Tag)

Who is submitting Abnormality reports, where are they occurring, and what are the outcomes?


Behavior-Based Safety Observations

Where and by whom are observations being submitted? What are priority at-risk behaviors and what are key outcomes?


Calendar Report

When are things happening, in calendar format?


CAPA Report

Where, when and by whom are CAPA reports occurring? What are outcomes?


Hazard Assessments

Where and when are Hazard report occurring? Who is submitting? What are the trends and key outcomes?


Incident Report

Where and when are Incident report occurring? Who is submitting? What are the trends and key outcomes?



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"The Weever suite is easy to understand and the support from the team has been amazing!"

Laura Curtis - Operational System and Process Manager, HelloFresh

"Weever saves me time, makes data visible and drives results!"

DENAIR M. - Training Manager

"Weever has changed how I run our business."

Ingrid K. - Plant Director

"Weever is extremely easy to use and simple to manage."

NICKI V - CI Engineer

"Weever gives me immediate insights into my business."

COLIN H. - Operational Excellence Manager

"The Weever team are extremely helpful and are always on hand to help with any questions or queries we may have."

Mel Cadle - Op Ex Lead Process Engineer, HelloFresh

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In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.

In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.