What is DMS and how does it help manufacturing organizations?

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    The Daily Management System (DMS), also known as Daily Direction Setting (DDS), is a framework for managing operational performance in manufacturing organizations. It is a structured approach to managing day-to-day operations that focuses on continuous improvement and waste reduction.

    What is DMS?

    The DMS approach typically involves the following key elements:

    1. Daily meetings: Regular daily meetings are held with teams to review performance metrics and identify any issues that need to be addressed. This helps to keep everyone informed and aligned, and to ensure that any problems are identified and addressed quickly.
    2. Standard work procedures: Standard work procedures are developed and implemented to ensure consistency and quality in processes and products.
      Visual management: Visual tools such as charts, graphs, and dashboards are used to communicate key performance indicators and to track progress towards goals.
    3. Problem-solving: A structured problem-solving process is used to identify the root causes of problems and to develop effective solutions.
    4. Continuous improvement: The DMS approach emphasizes continuous improvement, with teams encouraged to identify and implement small improvements on a daily basis.
    What are the benefits of implementing a DMS framework?

    By implementing the DMS framework, manufacturing organizations can benefit from a number of advantages. These include:

    1. Improved communication: Daily meetings and visual management tools help to ensure that everyone is informed and aligned.
    2. Greater focus on results: The DMS approach provides a clear focus on performance metrics and results.
    3. Reduced waste: Standard work procedures and problem-solving processes help to identify and eliminate waste in processes and products.
    4. Continuous improvement: The DMS approach encourages a culture of continuous improvement, with small improvements made on a daily basis.
    How Weever can help

    Weever provides digital tools that unlocks your team's experience and insights, simplifies decision-making, and removes barriers that are hindering them from achieving their full potential.

    Weever guides your team through digital workflows, and empowers them to easily capture their observations, insights, and improvement ideas.

    The incredibly valuable human dimension of data capture, fuelled by instinct, experience and intuition, is something that is otherwise difficult to harness and action (and impossible when using paper).

    Once captured, Weever transforms people-led data into actionable metrics and real-time insights that allow you to drive your organization forward.

    Your employees, in turn, can see and feel the tangible impact that they are making – unlocking the success that comes through an empowered team.

    Frontline Employee Engagement is a measure of how invested your frontline employees are in the growth and prosperity of your organization. If you change their investment level by enabling them, energizing them, and empowering them, you will reap the benefits of increased engagement.

    • Empower your staff with “bottom up” Operational Excellence tools. Allow staff to understand the value your organization is manufacturing and how it is delivered so that they can correct issues autonomously. Staff can submit suggestions, observations, and abnormality reports and watch the progress of them into site initiatives and improvement projects.
    • Energize your staff with personal goal tracking, gamification and automated reward points that they can redeem in your personalized rewards marketplace. Broadcast result KPIs and celebrate wins to keep staff engaged.
    • Enable your staff with instant access to modern software that is just as focused on Operational Excellence as it is on Employee Engagement. Weever makes it easy to collect data, track projects and view reports while staff can also review leaderboard, point totals and redeem rewards - all in one place.

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