Martin SC saves over $70K per year with Weever

Andy Pritchard  |   April 21, 2021  |    5 min read

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    Martin SC is a 73 year old coatings applicator in Northern Louisiana. The organization does powder, liquid and wood coatings primarily for the metal and manufacturing industries. At any given time, Martin SC will manage 50 field crews and 2 production facilities.


    Martin Specialty Coating needed a better way to manage field reporting and enhance communications between the office and their field teams.

    • Streamline communications
    • Enhance record retention
    • Improve real-time visibility


    Weever fills a gap in the organizations back office, allowing field teams to provide job information immediately to accounting teams and reducing the amount of back-and-forth required to close a job.

    • Weever was implemented to coordinate the manufacturing process with back office administration as well as drive continuous process improvement.
    • When projects are initiated, all stakeholders are taken through every step in the process and are alerted when their attention is required.
    • Within 4 months, Weever Process allowed Martin SC to bring all aspects of the business and all stakeholders together under one process management software platform.


    The end result is a more efficient process and accelerated billing cycles. The company can invoice their customers the next day instead of waiting up to 14 days. Martin Specialty Coating also has reduced their paper consumption by approximately 200,000 to 250,000 sheets of paper per year, which amounts to approximately 30 trees saved.

    • Calculated ROI at annual savings of $70,000/year plus additional benefits and time savings.
    • The on-boarding process was very efficient because the software is highly intuitive.
    • Teams are working faster and resolving issues quickly.
    • Buy-in from administrators occurred simply because information is real-time and more accurate.
    • Ownership was "very happy" because they are seeing results including enhanced continuous improvement performance, enhanced quality and customer satisfaction.

    “It’s amazing because things are being fixed before anybody knows there’s a problem.”

    Tim Keeley, Comptroller | Martin SC

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