Top 5 Benefits of Paperless Factory Operations

Weever is Operational Excellence Software that empowers the pursuit of perfection by enhancing operational visibility, collaboration and productivity in quality, maintenance, safety and production.


If you are reading this you have probably hit a snag that resulted from using paper to manage your factory operations.

There are many problems with using traditional paper forms to capture data for production, quality control, maintenance, safety and other operational concerns.

The main issue is lack of real-time visibility but other issues include costs, wasted time, errors and compliance. This blog details the issues.

Going paperless, or digitizing operations, does not have to be a monumental process. It can be as easy as digitizing your current forms and processes.

Our software is designed to enable the cycle of Operational Excellence that is delivered through:

  1. Factory Monitoring - Sensors detect issues. Schedules require inspections. Staff collect data on production, quality, safety and maintenance using a cloud-base app on any device.
  2. Employee Engagement - Staff are intrinsically and extrinsically rewarded for their contributions towards making the facility better.
  3. Project Management - Top-down and bottom-up project management and execution.
  4. Change Management - Document approvals and training.
  5. Reporting - Real-time reporting including an integration with MS Power BI.

All of the above steps are entirely digitized, so you can save paper, save time and costs, be more productive and have real-time visibility into operations.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of going paperless with your factory operations:

1. Real-Time Visibility

How much value do you put on a good night's sleep? Real-Time Visibility is important for peace of mind. You and all stakeholders understand what is happening around the facility when it happens, not a day or 2 later.

This allows you to make quick corrective actions that can save lives, prevent injuries, save money, keep the lines moving and stop defects from leaving the facility.

Factory Digitization

2. Cost Savings

In an increasingly competitive world, it has never been so important to cut costs wherever possible, while keeping productivity and quality as high as possible.

Enhancing efficiency and reducing the back-and-forth that occurs from errors and omissions on paper forms can radically cut costs.

Automation also allows you to move around headcount from repeatable functions to ones that add more value to your organizations. For a better understanding of the ROI achievable by going paperless - check out our ROI calculator.


3. Employee Engagement

Another benefit of going paperless is that it unlocks the ability to better engage your staff.

For us, Employee Engagement is about the 3 Es, which include Enable, Energize and Empower. Staff are more likely to care, be involved and participate in the growth of your company if they are provided the tools they need to succeed, they are excited and motivated to do good work and if they have ownership and are empowered to collaborate with other stakeholders.

All of this is enabled greatly with factory digitization software. Learn more about Employee Engagement here.


4. Simplicity & Structure

Digital tools allow for administrators to ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are followed. They also allow managers to guide staff through a process.

As a result, if it's the first time they are doing a task or the millionth time - it will be completed correctly - every time.

Tools used to enhance simplicity and structure include required fields, conditional logic, permissions, project templates, automated reporting and so forth. If this sounds complex, it really isn’t and we have a whole team of representatives that are committed to your success.


5. Compliance

Depending on what industry you are in, a huge benefit of going paperless is compliance. Compliance essentially means that you can prove that processes and procedures were conducted correctly as described either by internal SOPs or by external regulatory requirements.

A huge benefit of digitization is that you can add functionality that ensures processes are followed. For example, Weever Process is entirely 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for data capture and approvals - which makes it compliant to FDA, Health Canada and European Annex requirements.


Hope this list helps you move your digitization project forward. 

Weever is Operational Excellence Software that empowers the pursuit of perfection by enhancing operational visibility, collaboration and productivity in quality, maintenance, safety and production.

To learn more about how Weever can help you attain results in OpEx, please feel free to get in touch.


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